Can Automatic Pool Covers also be Used as Winter Covers?


It’s an old concern, however one that has little space on the poolcenter blog. Can an automatic swimming pool cover be used as a winter season pool cover? Yes. However Should an automobile cover be made use of as a winter months cover? Possibly not.

There are some downsides to using your expensive automated cover all year around. Even if you remain in a warm southern environment with very little snow and ice, a stock safety cover is constantly a less complicated, and less expensive choice for wintertime usage.

Supply safety covers are those rectangle-shaped dimensions that are always in-stock, as well as they are likewise the most inexpensive security covers to acquire, a rectangular shape 18 × 36 supply safety and security cover costs start at $565 for mesh or $816 for strong.

Why you Should Not Utilize an Automatic Cover During Winter.

Many auto cover tracks are attached to the underside of the swimming pool coping. If the water level is not high enough, the tracks can be taken out, or the stitched canvas sides of the cover will certainly tear as well as tear, under the weight of hefty ice and snow. In northern areas, snow might melt as well as refreeze before you can pump it off, currently you have a heavy slab of ice on your cover, which thaws on the brink to create sharp sides that can pierce or abrade the cover material. Sharp sticks that are trapped in the ice can likewise penetrate or abrade as the ice sheet shifts and also relocations.

Snow, ice and also rainfall additionally displace the water in the pool, pressing it over the deep end dam wall, the tiled shelf, which can cause damage to the tile when the water ices up at that degree overnight, but a lot more significantly, it reduces the water level in the swimming pool as the water in addition to the cover presses the water under the cover over the tiled rack, and also out the cover box drain. This lowers the water level in the pool, which is required to sustain the weight of the cover, and also snow and ice. A good automatic cover pump can maintain rainfall pumped off, however it can not do anything with snow and ice, up until it thaws.


The sun’s ultraviolet rays are degrading to fabrics, also to reinforced PVC vinyl utilized on automated pool covers. If your season is 6-months long, yet you use the auto cover for 12-months, you might anticipate the material to be exposed to two times as much UV radiation annually. While it might not wear twice as fast, it definitely will not last as long as if you had it securely rolled-up on the reel all winter long. Fabric replacement on an automated cover can cost $3000-$ 4000 (!) for the ordinary sized pool. That’s an expense that lots of people intend to delay as long as feasible!


Cold temperature levels are also understood to degrade soft materials, such as your automatic pool cover textiles. Cold temperatures has a tendency to make vinyl brittle and tight, as well as with higher exposure to cold temperature levels, you can expect the textile to shed plasticizers at a greater price, and also decrease the life expectancy of the textile, as well as additionally the wire or ropes. Better to have both fabric and ropes rolled up on the reel during extremely cold weather, for longevity.


You are most likely averse to stains on your automatic pool cover fabric. Everyone establishes water stains around the center, that’s entirely typical and somewhat inescapable, but winter discolorations are much worse. From fallen leaves in the loss, sticks in the winter, and also growing little bits during the springtime, together with worms, squirrels and birds– all produces help you, to keep the cover tidy. A safety and security cover stays tight like a trampoline, so leaves as well as particles just blow-off.


When a swimming pool freezes solid throughout the surface area, it expands regarding 9%. Several of the development is upwards, yet some is outside or horizontal. If the water level is below the ceramic tiles when it freezes strong, no worry, but if water or snow on the cover raises the water level, the ice sheet can put pressure on the pool floor tile. This can harm the tile, splitting or standing out the floor tile off in some areas.

And also when the water level comes close to the boundary floor tile band around a concrete pool, which are normally 6 ″ tall, it likewise gets to the degree of the deep end ceramic tile rack, the dam wall for the cover box. An extremely common little wintertime pool damage on pools with car covers is loosening up of a number of square feet of tile on the floor tile rack, or dam wall surface.

If you Do Utilize an Automatic Cover Throughout Wintertime.

It may be too late this year for you to set up a low-priced safety and security cover, or a strong floating winter cover on the pool. But if you do use your automatic cover throughout winter, consider these tips:.

1. Maintain an automatic cover pump in position to eliminate rainfall and snow melt as quick as feasible.

2. Maintain the water level during winter season, adding water as needed; maintain it 1-2 ″ below the floor tile.

3. Eliminate leaves and also sticks quickly. Take into consideration a Leaf Net if you have many fall leaves.

4. Open the cover when snow tornados or hefty rainfalls are anticipated.

5. Tidy the cover box of any type of leaves and also be sure cover box drain is not blocked.

No matter where you live, and what type of winter season you have– my guidance is to utilize a safety cover ( mesh or strong) during the off-season, and keep your costly automatic cover fabric and also ropes securely rolled up.

Appears tough to have two covers, one for summer season, one for winter season– however in the future, it will certainly save you cash and also effort.

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