Cleaning Intex Pools

During the summer months, many families and friends spend time relaxing and having fun in their new intex pool. There are several factors which should be taken into consideration regarding cleaning and general maintenance of your new pool.

Chlorine is one of the most popular ways of cleaning the water in a pool before use. This can be achieved either with chlorine crystals which are put in a container, in to the water before use or to use a chlorine generator which is similar to a pump but does the same job more efficiently.

It can be wonderful to have a large pool of clear warm water in the back garden with the sun shining down, but without proper car viruses and bacteria can have as much fun as you, causing people to become ill. Clear water can look great, the sound of it lapping against the sides and the thrill of kids having fun, but without adding proper sanitary chemicals, that clean water isn’t as clean as you may think.

There are many accessories you can buy for Intex pools and similar items for other makes of pool. One of the most basic, but by far the least important is a pool cover. This stops leaves, insects and all sorts of nasties getting into the water when the pool is not in use. People have reported before, that they have seen birds sitting on the edge having a drink. This is quiet cute, but the lining to a pool is strong but still viable to be torn by claws from animals. Some pool covers come in the solar panel variety, which help heat the pool when not in use, and keep the heat in overnight.

Another cheap but good accessory is the pool skimmer, which is basically like a fishing net which allows you to remove any leaves, dirty which maybe floating in the water, without having to lean to far or actually be in the pool whilst cleaning. One great gadget is the pool vacuum which walks around the bottom of the pool, sucking up leaves and dirt a pool skimmer cannot remove.

The most expensive item, which does come with many pools, is the pool filter. This takes the water and removes any impurities and jets it back into the pool. Replacement filters can be fitted as a filter soon builds up dirt inside, just like a hover bag or car engine filter does the same.

All in all, maintenance is a very important factor to take into consideration when looking at intex pools [] for your back garden. With the accessories available, there is no reason to look over the fact that germs can cause illness and that’s the last thing you want in the summer when you are supposed to be having fun.

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