Helping The Disabled Get Into Pools

Over the years, it has been quite tasking for people with disability to access swimming pools. This is because the entry points of the pool have not been constructed with the needs of the disabled in mind. However, today there mobility devices specifically made to meet the needs of people with mobility issues.

When you decide to purchase a pool lift, you can very easily be overwhelmed due to the sheer number of devices available in the market. You need to know that there are different types to meet different needs. They are categorized as water pool lifts, handicap pool lifts and aqua lifts. You can get manual lifts that are hydraulic operated.

Operating a manual lift

For the aquatic lifts, you have to position the user in the transfer attachment. You will then use a handle to control the lift to load the user in or out of the spa or pool. The mechanism of these manual ones is the same as the one for car jacks. For the water devices, they use a different mechanism that is characterized by a garden hose that offers hydraulic pressure. All you have to do is lift the water regulator and load the user out or into the pool.

Operating automatic lifts

As for the automatic lifts, they are operated by a motor that is powered. The system ensures there is enough power for more than thirty lifts. It also allows you to pull the user out or lower them into the pool or therapy spa. Automatic devices are more expensive than the manual ones. Nevertheless, they are simple to use, are safe and smooth.

Installing the lifts

Each lift comes with a different mounting option. This will depend on the lift you select. If you go for a lift designed for use on an in-ground spa or pool, you will have it mounted on a dug in socket on the deck of the pool. However, you can come across brands that are designed to be used above decks, and there is no lift part entering the water; apart from the loading seat. These types of lifts are best suited for pools with pool covers.

In case you reside in an area where the lift is not often used, you can get an in-ground lift design that can be unplugged and stored. Above ground installed lifts can be attached to a wooden post inclined to the ground or floor through a steel plate.

The lift seats

Most lifts come with seats that have the ability to rotate between 90 and 360 degrees. 360 degrees rotation seats offer you the ability to lower and lift the user from any part of the deck. The 90 degrees rotating seats are only ideal for users who can use stand pivot shift devices.

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