How Much Do Endless Pools Cost?

Pools are a big deal, and usually, a big, expensive deal. That’s why anytime someone starts thinking about getting one, the question will come up. For me, I did tons of research, but liked what I saw most of all when I started pouring through Endless pool reviews. The good and the bad (and yes, there were both), painted a pretty accurate picture, and I counted myself ready to take the next step.

As soon as I got to that point though, there was the question: How much do Endless pools cost, anyway? I braced for the sticker shock, but was pleasantly surprised in this regard.

To my shock, you can actually get an Endless swim spa for as little as seven thousand dollars (the cheapest price I found on line when doing my research was $6995). Of course, that doesn’t count installation fees and ongoing maintenance, but I was expecting a price more than triple that, so I was pretty excited.

Now granted, that seven thousand bucks buys you a lot less pool than you can ultimately get. If you start adding all the bells and whistles they make available on various models (you can get pools of varying depths, with deeper being obviously more expensive, customized liners and covers, underwater lights, treadmills, and hydrotheraphy jets, etc, and when you start adding all that stuff on), the price can mount very quickly, escalating into the tens of thousands of dollars, but if all you want is a therapeutic pool to use in your home for your health and personal fitness, then I’m happy to report that you can get a no frills model for a good bit less money than you may have originally thought.

Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise you can undertake. It’s easy on your joints (unlike jogging, or even power walking, which can wreck your knees and ankles in short order), and one of the simplest ways to lose weight and improve your cardiovascular health. If you’re looking at the possibility of getting a home pool, you would be doing yourself a disservice if you didn’t at least give Endless pools swimming machines a close look!

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