How to Clean Solar Covers For Pools

Solar Covers For Pools Can Be Helpful In Protecting The Pool From Evaporation And From Lost Energy Heat, But With Having One Also Requires A Bit Of Maintenance On It.

Some people have different types of solar blankets for their pools such as vinyl, plastic, liquid, etc. There are different cleaning methods for these covers, and it usually depends on which type of solar blanket was bought.

How To Clean Solar Covers For Pools When Using Liquid Solar Blankets

The liquid covers are only cleaned mainly from the filters of the pool. Also it’s best if you drain the pool out and get it cleaned from the tiled bottom and then restore. Another reason why draining the pool is best with liquid covers is because it mixes within the chlorine that’s already added into the pool water.

There may be instructions on some of these covers in which you’ll need to purchase some other type of product to add to the pool so that it can “eat” the cover. This only applies to some liquid covers have that though and it’s not for use with all liquid covers.

How To Clean Solar Covers For Pools When Using Vinyl Solar Blankets

  • Vinyl covers can be cleaned much easier than liquid covers because all you really would have to do is spray the cover to get some dirt and debris off of it.
  • Also these covers usually come with a protective case to them so that after you use them, you can get them folded and placed in its case.
  • These are the more popliar options because of how durable there are and how long they last.

How To Clean Solar Covers For Pools When Using Plastic Covers

The plastic swimming pool solar blankets can actually be more of a pain than the liquid blankets. Plastic solar blankets are made from a bubble-wrap pack material, so they can be hard to clean because of the material. Because plastic solar blankets for pools can be difficult to clean, so, rather than hassling with cleaning them, many pool owners opt to simply replace their plastic solar blanket when it gets dirty.

The Bottom-Line On Cleaning Solar Covers For Pools

  • All in all, swimming pool solar covers are not that hard to clean.
  • If you maintain your cover since the date of purchase, then no matter which kind you have you can guarantee that it will last a long time with minimal care.
  • Make sure to always spray off the covers though just as a safety caution in removing the chemicals from the pool such as chlorine so that it does not breakdown the cover in the long run.

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