The Do’s and Don’ts of Pool Table Care

Firstly the Do’s

When it comes to pool table care, these are the essential things to do. Keep it brushed regularly to keep the table free from any dust and debris and always brush from the D end to the spot end, especially if you have a directional cloth, ie one with a slight nap to it like the English tournament pool tables. You can vacuum the table as well if you like but use a soft suction setting.

When not in use, cover the table with a cover to stop the cloth colour from fading and to keep dust and debris from settling on the cloth.

To clean the pool balls, wash in fairy liquid or equivalent and dry off with a soft cloth.

If you have leather pocket protectors use saddle soap or other leather cleaner to keep them in good condition.

Use a damp cloth to clean the woodwork or metalwork.

Now the Don’ts

Don’t sit on the edge as this may cause the rubber cushion to come away from the rails, producing a dead spot on the cushion.

Don’t put your table where strong sunlight can hit it as this will cause the cloth to fade more quickly.

Do not put your drinks on the edge of the table, that’s just asking for trouble. In fact don’t get food or drink anywhere near it.

Do not put your cigarette on the edge either, it’s just asking for it to roll off and burn the cloth. In fact smoking cigarettes around the table generally is not a good idea as the cloth will smell of them before long.

These are the basic pool table care instructions, that if followed will keep your table in good condition.

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