The Pros And Cons Of The Five Types Of Pool Covers

Pool covers are among the important tools for pool maintenance, because it keeps contaminants out when the facility is not being used. But finding the right type of may be a little bit tricky, since there are a number of options one can choose from. Each them have their own unique features, as well as pros and cons. The choice on the matter just really depends on the size and shape of the facility, as well as the owner’s preference.

First on the list are solar pool covers. These are quite uncommon and high-tech, which explains why they are also kind of expensive. This type of cover utilizes the sun’s energy in creating heat for the pool, so that it is comfortable even after it’s been kept undisturbed for some time. They usually float freely, so they aren’t that efficient in keeping debris out. Of course, because of this characteristic, they wouldn’t be able to prevent children and pets from gaining access to the pool, either intentionally or accidentally. So for the most part, this only has a minimal functional contribution.

The second type of pool cover is solar rings, and just like the previous item, they are intended to provide heating. But, they do have additional one-of-a-kind benefits, such as being able to pass heat to deeper areas of the pool and being able to protect the water from evaporation. Still, they float freely and cannot be relied on to secure the perimeter from unwanted contaminants.

Usually, leaf nets are used as pool coverings alongside the first two options, since their design basically keeps material out of the water. They are simple, inexpensive and basically simple to attach. You only have to lay the net over the facility and anchor it down with some stones, so that it does not move. To clean it, the net must be removed and shaken. For the winter season, it would be best to accompany leaf nets with a heavy winter pool cover.

Winter pool covers are thicker, so it can sufficiently provide thermal protection and coloring, as well as keep debris out, without sacrificing durability. Discount pool supplies stores typically offer them with different weave thickness so users can choose according to preference. But despite its quality, a winter cover does not exactly deliver in terms of safety.

Safety covers are solid and heavy, which makes them less impenetrable. They are anchored down tight, so they aren’t easily manipulated off the pool rims, too. When paired with nets, owners can rest assured that not only will contaminants be kept out, but also pets and children. Safety nets characteristically have meshes bigger than that of leaf nets to allow efficient balancing and movement. But they are small enough to keep kids from falling into the water and meeting an accident.

These items prices range from $22 a piece to $1,300. But some discount pool supplies stores cut prices for bulk or repeat purchases. If you are looking to buy them, make sure you know what you want for your pool. Then, look around the internet and brick-and-mortar suppliers for good deals.

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