Three of the Best Rated Above Ground Pools Brands

With the summer fast approaching, it seems only appropriate to consider buying your family above ground pools. Just think about how your kids would enjoy a dip in the cool water, or how you would appreciate an energizing lap in the morning. Yes, they are not a cheap investment, to say the least. But aside from giving you and your children a more convenient and accessible medium for bonding, having a pool would definitely increase the value of your home, and probably even give you a means for earning extra income, especially during the extremely sizzling season. Of course, to make the investment last, you should buy the best rated above ground pools. To give you some idea of which brands to trust, here are what most distributors and above ground pool owners consider to be worthwhile.

a. “Atlantis Pools” is a family-owned company located in Illinois that manufactures and distributes a number of pool products, including in ground and above ground pools, spas, spa accessories, backyard equipment, and pool supplies. They have been operating for over 30 years with over 1,000 pools already part of their portfolio. One of their most saleable products is their 20-gauge above ground pool with a solid blue overlap vinyl liner, wide mouth skimmer, corrugated steel framework, and return fitting.

b. Intex Pools are made by Intex Recreation Corporation, which is a subsidiary of the Intex Group of Companies dedicated to giving people mediums for fun. With over 40 years of experience in the business, they have built a name as an industry leader when it comes to quality, sales, service and prices in products, such as inflatable toys, pool and lake boats, airbeds, and of course above ground swimming pools. They have a central office located in Southern California, and distributes all across America and the United States. Intex pools are made with Super-Tough triple-play sidewalls and rust-resistant metal frames, ensuring sturdiness. Their Ultra Frame Rectangular Pool Package, which measures 18’x9’x52″, comes with a pool cover, 1,500 gph pump and filter, maintenance kit, ladder, ground cloth, volleyball set and user manual.

c. Doughboy Pools comes last in this list of the best rated above ground pools, but they are neither the least nor the last in that category. As one of the oldest pool makers in the United States, having started in 1954, the company deserves accolades for not only being able to provide great pool product choices, but also surviving the competition. This says a lot about what the company can offer interested consumers. Now, what sets Doughboy’s above ground pools apart from others is that they create every single piece of it in their manufacturing plant in Arkansas. Hence, buyers can be assured that every raw material used has the company’s stamp of approval. As a testament to that, the company actually provides a 100% lifetime warranty for their liner seams. Their Centennial Pool Package includes a 24’x 52″ pool, vinyl liner, wall skimmer, a sand filter and water pump to get the fun started right away.

To supplement your knowledge on other great brands, you should check out review sites and dealer recommendations.

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