Various Ways to Heat Your Swimming Pool

Getting wet is all fun during summers. The sun seems to shine bright and the temperature seems to be on a rise. However, soon, things will change. The sun’s warmth won’t be felt as much and you would start thinking how to ensure you keep yourself warm. Yes, we are talking about the winters! If you love swimming, you surely would want to enter the water evening in winter, wouldn’t you?

Solar pool heaters are quite in use these days. However, different methods like electric pool heating and gas pool heating are used too to heat the pool. Here is a look at few of the methods.

Heating your pool with help of floor return lines

There is an easier way to heat your swimming pool, though not as effective as gas heaters. I swam for the state level swimming championships during my college days. When you build a pool, you use return lines that have the work of returning the water of the pump and heater back to the pool. As most of these lines return the water to the surface of the water body, you tend to stay warm. More, the warmth goes to the floor of the pool as well with time so that you remain warm throughout the body.

Heating with help of a solar cover

Yet another popular way to heat your pool is with the help of a solar cover. I didn’t know about it till a few years earlier. What this cover does is lie on the top of your pool and are often thick. Thus, it works like the atmosphere of the earth, and the warmth inside the pool cannot go out. Even though outside temperatures might be pretty cold, you will find it hot and warm inside the water body. In fact, solar covers are inexpensive as well and can be a great buy.

Heating through a solar ring

You can tell it as a concept these guys stole from the solar cover guys. However, the work is the same and in a way, more effective. Solar rings lie on the surface of the pool too but are made from more heavy-duty UV-resistant vinyl, and warm the pool’s surface throughout the night. This is because the temperature remains the lowest during night time and keeping the water body warm during night time can help a lot.

Heating through a heat pump

If you live in a mild climate that well, isn’t prone to below zero temperatures, you can use a heat pump. Heat pumps do the work of gathering warm air around the surface of the pool and can be pretty cost efficient too. However, the important thing to note is that heat pumps cannot be effective where temperatures are cold throughout the year and often below 60 degrees Fahrenheit during spring and fall.

Other ways

If you are tired of swimming and want to feel warm inside your home, do not forget your fireplace. After all, there are other ways to make you feel warm in winter too. Winter isn’t always that damp and sad. You can always sit by the chimney and light up the fireplace. There is nothing as reading your favorite book with the fireplace on. More, sip your hot tea or coffee and experience the thrill of winter. It really cannot get better, can it?

Of course, solar pool heaters have their own advantages but other methods can be useful too.

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