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2020 Amazon explosion models High Quality Economic Outdoor Solar Pool Cover

Blue Heart Style Solar Pool Cover
Blue , Black , Blue+ Black , Blue+ Golden , Blue+ Silver,Custom
Guangdong Province,China
Rectangle , Oval , Round Or Custom Other Shapes
Packed in three cartons
2.5*50m , Customized
400mircon , 500mircon , 600mircon
Bubble Diameter
Bubble Height
Bubble Strength
66.3 N
91.53 N
Bubbles Face The Water Side
Warranty Period
2-4 Years
Detailed Images
Solar Cover Benefits
* Reduces Evaporation – A solar blanket cover can cut water evaporation (water loss) up to 95 percent.
* Retain Heat – When the sun sets and the night air cools, heat in your pool water is lost. A solar blanket floating on the water
keeps much of that heat from dissipating. If you heat the water with a gas or electric pool heater, then this will save you a
boat load of money too.
* Keep Bugs and Debris Out – Although it’s not their primary purpose, solar covers do shield your pool from bugs and debris.
Save Energy Costs and Water by Reducing Evaporation
Landy solar cover uses nothing but the sun’s natural energy to keep your pool at a warm temperature. Even if you already have an additional heating element such as a pool heater, a solar cover can help prevent the heat from escaping.
In turn, it can save you on heating costs. You can save even more if you have enough steady sunlight to not even require another
heating element. Another thing you can save with a quality solar cover is water. The cover can help reduce evaporation that
naturally occurs. In turn, you won’t have to replace the water as frequently.
Every pool is unique – in shape, in size, in design, in style.
It’s important to understand and account for each of these aspects when producing your liner or safety cover. That’s why every
Landy product is custom-made to ensure the best fit and look.
As the longest-established liner manufacturer in the industry, Landy Liners is proud to manufacture the best-fitting and most
durable swimming pool liners and safety covers for our customers.
Company Introduction

Landy (Guangzhou) Plastic Products Co., Ltd. was founded in 2000 by Mr. Xinke Du, with its headquarter located in Nansha,Guangzhou, a national-level free trade zone. It is an industry corporation with business in product research and development,production, sales and service. Landy owns two factories, one 16,000-square-meter factory in Guangzhou and another 42,000-square-meter branch in Yangjiang.

Landy has got the quality management system certification of ISO9001 (2015) and environmental management system certification of ISO14001. It was rated as high-tech enterprises. With independent R & D team, Landy has mastered the industry’s core technology and has obtained 16 patents .With the standard of “quality is the core, customer satisfaction is the purpose”, Landy try its best to provide high-quality products and services to our valued customers.

Landy owns “LANDY”,”POOL-LINER”, and “TC-COVER” three independents brands, and its products have passed CE, AWTA, ASTM, SGS, CQC,CNAS, IQNET and other professional certifications.With superb technology, honest and trustworthy business philosophy, Landy has got support and trust from our customers over the years.


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