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Factory supply plum blossom style swimming pool solar PE bubble cover


Factory supply plum blossom style swimming pool solar PE bubble cover


Processing plant gracefully plum bloom style pool sun based PE bubble pool spread

Highlights for sun based PE bubble pool spread

1.Prevent residue fall into pool and lessen the cleaning cost

2.reduce the water vanishing, forestall the fume consuming the indoor pool gear and improve the

swimming rec center condition.

3.keep the water temperature, lessen the water losing. Spare about 70% of the warming expense. and innocuous, hostile to maturing, against UV, against erosion, against slip, waterproof, germproof, aseismatic battle

pressure, condition neighborly, long lifetime, modest and tough. keep your pool wonderful and cleaning

6.light weight and simple to utilize. Pool spread Swimming pool spread

Other than offering vitality investment funds, pool covers likewise do the accompanying:

1.Conserve water by decreasing the measure of make-up water required by 30%–half

2.Reduce the pool’s substance utilization by 35%–70%

3. Decrease cleaning time by keeping earth and different garbage out of the pool.


Customized Size  Customized Colors   Customized Shape 





Material  LDPE
Color  Blue , Black , Blue+ Black , Blue+ Golden , Blue+ Silver,Custom
Shape  Rectangle , Oval , Round Or Custom Other Shapes
Size  2.5*50m , Customized
Thickness  400mircon , 500mircon , 600mircon
Bubble Diameter  2mm,16mm
Bubble Height  3.6mm,4mm
Bubble Strength Transverse 66.3 N
Lengthwise 91.53 N
Note Bubbles Face The Water Side
Warranty Period 2-4 Years






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