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Hidden Electric Retractable Solid Safety Pool Cover For Inground Pools

Hidden Electric Retractable Solid Safety Pool Cover For Inground Pools


Safety will naturally always be a concern for anyone who owns or is buying a swimming pool. This where the Landy Automatic Safety Covers comes into its own because it is more than capable of supporting pets, children, and even adults, should they accidentally walk onto the cover.

All of this would be worthless without a good quality fabric to cover the pool. We use the industry-standard PVC material, and popular with other cover manufacturers. Landy Automatic Safety Covers offers the best solution available to problems posed in safely covering a pool in current harsh environments.

Features & advantages

1.Covers are tailor-made to fit your pool – to your exact custom specifications.

2.Choice of colors available.

3.Operated via a remote control switch.

4.The mechanism can be positioned above ground or hidden below ground.

5.Made from reinforced PVC-coated specialized material with anti-grease treatment.

6.Anti-ultraviolet, anti-aging, anti-slip, good pressure resistance, dustproof.

7.Suitable for all seasons.

8.Total pool closure,Maximum safety for children and pets.

9.Stops evaporation and avoids heat loss.

10.Keeps your pool clean in all seasons.

11.Powerful and reliable hydraulic motorization.

12.Very quick rolling and unrolling.

13.Perfect integration into the environment.

Tailor-made to fit any pool size or shape – call or email us for a competitive quote.

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