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Tailor-Made Swimming Pool Liners at Incredible Prices


Tailor-Made Swimming Pool Liners at Incredible Prices

Landy is the most experienced Pool Liner manufacturer in China, They have been established as Liner manufacturers since 2000.

As a result of extensive industry research, It can withstand water temperatures of up to 33°C and is less sensitive to chlorine, UVs, and discoloring than a classic liner. Its unique resin combined with a protective varnish, undoubtedly makes it one of the best coatings on the market, overwhelmingly approved by professionals, and for the duration!

Landy PVC pool liner from specially formulated PVC and reinforced with a high strength polyester mesh core, Landy PVC pool liner is available in a variety of single-ply and reinforced thicknesses.

Product advantages:
1. The main component of PVC swimming pool decorative film is polyvinyl chloride, and antioxidants are added, which is non-toxic
and environmentally- friendly.
2. The product’s main components are stable in molecules, not easy to adhere to dirt and bacteria.
3. Anti-corrosion (especially anti-chlorine corrosion). It can be used in professional swimming pools.
4. Anti-ultraviolet rays. It can be used in outdoor swimming pools.
5.With the high-temperature resistance, the shape and material will not change within ±35℃.
6. It has the good waterproof ability. Our wielding tools will help you wield the liners smoothly.

Our linings are custom designed, fitted, and bonded on-site to provide an efficient, economical, easily maintained totally watertight, virtually indestructible containment system.




























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