Above Ground Pool Supplies That You Will Want to Get

Providing my family with recreational activities that enrich the mind and does a lot of good for the body is my foremost concern every time I make a purchase. When we decided to relocate we made sure the community where our would-be house is located is one that fosters camaraderie among neighbors, has a lot of trees, has a huge park, a playground and has a lot of nice people living in it.

I also made sure our house will be on a lot that will allow us to do a lot of things, like play, grow a herb garden, keep three dogs, and install an above-ground pool, among other things.

Actually, we could have chosen to have an in-ground pool instead, but we did not want to go through all the ruckus of digging, uprooting trees, etc. We want an easy-to-install pool and that’s exactly what we got.

Besides, what if we decide to move again? You can never really rule out these things. I don’t think I would want to leave our pool behind, even if it’s only for the wonderful bonding moments my family and I had in it.

Also, the practical side of me says, if I can bring it with me when I move, then by all means I will. Shush…. I can be quite a cheapskate I know. Hey, I work hard for the money I spend so I should be allowed to make a big deal about every thing I spend on, right? Oh, agree with me, will you?

Anyway, ever since we got our pool installed the list of the above ground pool supplies we wanted to purchase just seem to keep getting longer. Every time we “research” on a particular item we wanted to purchase, we would also find an item or two to add to the list. It’s just that there seems to be a myriad of above ground pool supplies out there.

If the manufacturers are not introducing a new product, they are coming up with improvements to the above ground pool supplies that they have previously introduced. It’s really up to the customer to discern if the new product or the improved version is really worth buying. And, more often than not, it is.

So we now have quite a variety of above ground pool supplies ranging from ladders to inflatable toys. By the way, did you read my piece on inflatable pool toys? Did you see the variety that suppliers have now? In my days they only had a floater ring.

Again, going back to above ground pool supplies (I keep on digressing, I’m sorry) the first three you should want to have are filter pumps, heaters and cleaners. To me, these three are the absolute necessities when it comes to above ground pool supplies. All other above ground pool supplies like slides or decks are, well, optional, depending on your needs and priorities.

Why these three above-ground pool supplies? Well, you obviously need a filter pump unless you want to change your pool water daily and start a water crisis, and even if you don’t just think that you are doing Mother Nature a small favor by saving water.

A pool heater, on the other hand, lets you extend your pool fun beyond summertime. But since summer is just starting you might want to put this purchase in the back-burner.

Cleaners, oh you definitely need them unless you enjoy swimming in slimy waters. Chlorinators can be included in this category, so don’t forget to add one to your own above ground pool supplies list.

I think that about covers it. If you need to buy pool supplies those three might very well be on the top of your priority list.

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