Does Your Swimming Pool Need Repair

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Landy Automatic Pool Cover

Landy Automatic Pool Cover

There is a wide-range of repairs you pool could need. The type of repairs will depend on the type of in-ground pool you have installed. Your gunite pool may have cracks or your vinyl liner may need replacing. In some cases the repairs may not be actual repair work, but instead is the replacement of an outdated or low-grade part of component of your pool. Understanding about your pool and what the repair work entails can help you make an intelligent decision. Some of these repairs can be very costly.

There are three main types of materials pools are made from, concrete, vinyl, and fiberglass. Every one of them will sooner or later need a different type of repair because each one of them reacts in different ways to different conditions and situations.

Concrete pools can become cracked, more so in colder regions of the country. The pool will become cracked with the freezing and the thawing, which takes place in these parts of the country. Minor cracks can be patched, but larger cracks may require a complete overhaul of your pool.

The vinyl pools are vulnerable to tears and rips in the lining. Small tears can be repaired as soon as they occur, however the larger tears may require a liner to be replaced. Replacing a liner is less costly than overhauling the concrete pool.

Fiberglass pools are very nearly indestructible; however they can have an adverse reaction to some chemicals and minerals, which will cause an ugly discoloration of your pool. An acid wash is probably the best thing you can have done to rid the pool of the ugly discoloration.

Another part of your pool sometimes in need of repair is the pump or the filter. Unless they stop working all together, it may be difficult to know if one is not working correctly. In some rare cases, mostly with above ground pools, the filter and the pump do not work well together. In most cases however if your pump or filter is not working correctly it is probably just a clogged or torn hose. Filters and pumps working correctly can not do their jobs properly if they don’t have the correct chemical treatment. So before you call the pool builder, check the hoses and the easily accessible parts of the pool’s filtration system. If you are unable to determine the problem you will have to call your pool builder. If you are able to describe the problem along with the symptoms and know the model number of your filtration system, you and your pool builder should be able to ferret out the problem.

Many times of the pool system suddenly stops working it could be a safety feature has disabled the system to protect the pool’s users and the pool system. Having your pool repaired can be an inconvenience, but it is better than someone in your pool getting electrocuted. The pool’s heater and the pool’s cover are two of the components of the pool, which have automatic shut-offs for safety reasons. The safety shut-off could have occurred because of a minor repair needed, which is relatively easy to fix.

When your pool needs something repaired, you need to ask your pool builder of the condition the pool will be in following the repair. Many times old filters and pumps can be repaired, but they will inevitably breakdown again the next year. Don’t be afraid to ask how long the concrete patch is expected to last. In some cases it is better to replace than to repair and more cost effective.

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