How A Pool Heater Cover Can Extend The Life Of Your Heater

Can you relate to this: You go outside prepared to open your pool at the beginning of swimming season only to find your swimming pool heater covered in leaves, pine needles, twigs and other debris. Perhaps you’ve started to fire up your pool heating system but couldn’t because the fittings were corroded due to excess moisture that got in over the winter. Now you’ve got to spend the time to clean out all the debris, sometimes even with tweezers, and replace the ruined parts.

You may have tried tying a tarp around your pool heater. But then you have to look at that ugly tarp in your yard or garden all winter long and tarps can easily tear or get poked full of holes by blowing debris in stormy weather. This causes them to leak. Furthermore, they do nothing to prevent condensation. Once moisture gets under the cover, whether it is blown in or it condenses there, it is trapped until that cover comes off. You could actually do more harm than good using a tarp.

Isn’t there a better way to protect your expensive swimming pool heater?

Now there is, by using a pool heater cover made from high quality durable vinyl that resists tears and damage from sunlight. Featuring a non-woven interior lining that will not retain moisture, it actually prevents condensation to keep your heating system clean and dry. It fits your heater to keep out rain, snow, leaves and twigs, but allows for plenty of air circulation thus deterring the formation of condensation and preventing moisture accumulation. Keeping the moisture out keeps your heater fittings from corroding. The cover closes with a 1″ Velcro closure so that you don’t have to disconnect any plumbing connections either.

The pool heater cover may be a new product to you. In fact, they’ve been manufactured for a number of years, but only recently have received wide market exposure. In fact, the cover was developed specifically because its creators, two swimming pool owners just like you and me, were looking for a way to protect their own pool heating systems.

Considering the damage that can befall an improperly protected heater, you can quickly see how a pool heater cover could save you much more money than the very reasonable cost of the cover. You can use the money you save for a basketball goal, a volleyball net or those tiki torches you’ve been wanting for your pool area. More importantly, you can enjoy many more hours of fun with your family and friends. All of this while keeping your heater working at peak performance for years longer than it otherwise might.

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