How Much is Your Swimming Pool Really Costing You?

“I finally decided to look into the automated pool cover. Wow… why didn’t I have one years ago? It absolutely does it all. It is a winter cover, a solar blanket and has reduced my chemical use tremendously! The first summer we had the cover I thought something was drastically wrong with my chlorinator. Then I realized my automated pool cover was helping me use less chlorine to do the same job. I would certainly recommend this pool cover for anyone that has a pool…” ~ Darryl Hood, Knightstown, IN

Pool safety requires no price tag, because you can’t put a price tag on the life–whatever the price, it’s an investment worth the cost! How ether, whether you decide on a fence, an electronic alarm system, or an automatic cover, you are looking at quite an investment. Unlike fences and alarms, automatic covers will pay for investment within a short period time in the life of your swimming pool. We like to call the “fringe benefits” of automatic-cover ownership will more than repay the cost of its installation. It’s actually better than a “free cover” since you will continue to generate savings long after you have recouped your entire cover investment. How is that possible?

Automatic covers function as passive solar collectors, collecting UV energy during the day and trapping that energy at night. Automatic covers all but eliminate evaporation, but we’re not just talking about saving the cost of evaporated water. When water evaporates from your pool, expensive heat energy (BTU’s) is lost as well–and that energy is expensive to replace. An automatic pool cover helps conserve energy. Automatic covers reduce chemical consumption (another bi-product of evaporation) by as much as 70% The life of pool plaster, vinyl liners and filtration equipment is substantially increased on covered pools.

An Automatic Pool Cover Gives You Time To Enjoy The Savings.

Pool covers work only when you use them. With just the flip of a switch the pool is covered in seconds keeping out airborne debris and keeping in the heat from the sun. Since it is automatic there will be no lugging and pulling trying to spread out the old pool cover. This keeps the pool clean and reduces the cost of heating you pool to a more comfortable temperature. And most of all your exertion can now happen in the water.

Your pool must be the oasis of your busy life and a place to be pampered. Since the automatic pool cover keeps dirt and leaves and other types of debris you will spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying you private oasis.

Save 3 to 5 thousand gallons of water this summer. A cover reduces evaporation by 90-95%.

So GOOGLE “pool covers” with you city name or “swimming pool prices” I think you will be plesantly surprised at your available options.

Good luck and happy swimming!


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