Keep Summer Cool With These Pool Maintenance Tips

Summer’s here, and it’s hot. The best way to have fun in the sun is by lounging or splashing in your private pool! However, upkeep can often be cumbersome and costly. Who wants to spend their summers slaving away around their personal paradise? Luckily, there are several pool maintenance services that save both time and money. The best way to keep safe this summer is to keep up with proper aquatic care. All the owner should have to worry about is putting on enough sunscreen before jumping into the water!

Balance It Out

The most important part of pool maintenance is the water balance. Few know that proper chlorination needs at least five balanced chemicals to kill the bacteria and germs that could turn a party into a nautical nightmare! Chances are, the average owner isn’t a chemist; keeping track of these chemicals can be quite daunting. These chemicals must be balanced at all times, or the water could be rendered unsafe for swimming. Incorrect chemical balances can lead to costly repairs in the future as well. Hiring a professional serviceman to make routine chemical checks can make sure your private oasis is safe at all times and will save you expensive damages later on. Remember: a safe swim is a happy swim!

Vinyl Liners Are Pretty Protection

All owners want their paradises to be pretty as well as safe, right? Vinyl liners both provide a safe lining around the otherwise rough edges and give a personal touch to your little sea. When these liners become old or loose, however, trouble starts. Loose liners can be the perfect breeding grounds for algae and insects, and the edges can grow hard and pose a threat to an unknowing side-swimmer. Hiring a serviceman to inspect and replace your vinyl liner will ensure a pretty paradise and safe swimming.

Cover Up!

Pool covers are also cost-efficient protection. Not only do they keep the leaves and bugs out at night, saving cleaning time the next day, but they also help to keep your water balance at the right levels. This one-time investment can save thousands of dollars in cleaning fees down the road.

Keep It Clean

Regular cleaning is the most critical, yet most overlooked, factor in pool maintenance. The average owner usually has a day job, and who wants to waste the weekend cleaning? Upkeep of a pool is of the utmost importance, but it doesn’t have to be the owner’s job to clean constantly. Hiring a serviceman to come out and regularly clean isn’t very expensive and will grant the owner more priceless time to do what one should be doing at a pool: relaxing.

To save time and money this summer, leave pool maintenance to the pros. That way, summer will stay cool and fun for all!

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