Keep Your Pool’s Water In Pristine Condition With Swimming Pool Chemicals

With the countless hours you and your family can spend at your swimming pool, it is easy to overlook the fact that like other equipment and other parts of your house, your pool needs to be regularly cleaned and maintained. Cleaning and maintaining your pool ensures that its water remains in pristine condition and algae and bacteria do not have the opportunity to thrive and dampen your fun at the pool.

Swimming pool chemicals are must-haves, no matter the size of your pool. While it is just as important to brush the walls of your pool and skim the surface of the water to remove dead leaves and debris, chemicals like chlorine and algicides prevent the growth of bacteria and algae that compromise water quality and can harm your family – especially the young ones.

Often, swimming pool pumps can handle leaves and debris that float on the pool’s water. However, there are debris that are too minuscule to be effectively picked up by the pump or through skimming. Clarifiers, also known as floc tablets, gather small debris and coagulate them into larger particles which can be handled by your pool’s pump and filter.

To get the most out of using pool chemicals, it is also essential to check the pH and chlorine levels of your pool with test kits. Ideally, the pH level of your pool’s water should be somewhere between 7.6 and 7.8. If the water is too acidic, it may damage your pool’s equipment. On the other extreme, water that is too basic may result in the need for more chlorine. Calcium levels, too, should be kept in check as too much calcium in the water can lead to corrosion of equipment as well as cloudiness in the water.

Aside from physically cleaning your pool’s water and adding chemicals, it is worthwhile to invest in swimming pool covers. There are two types of covers out in the market: the solar cover and the winter debris cover. Essentially, a solar cover ensures that the pool’s water remains warm while a winter pool cover is used to keep debris and dead leaves from falling into the pool particularly during fall. Additionally, you can purchase safety covers to prevent kids and pets from falling into the water should they foray into the pool without the supervision of an adult. Whilst this is no substitute for keeping a watchful eye on the young ones, this serves as a useful fail-safe.

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