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  • Rack N Sack
    The installer in Landy communicates well, is on time and has the work completed quickly to a high standard. Clients are always very happy with the result. We can now compete against high-end concrete builders offering a wet hard blanket.
    Louise F. Derr
    Rack N Sack
  • Shelby R. Wagner
    Landy clearly define the time frames in the quoting process, which is really important, it allows you to communicate with the customer with confidence. No second guessing they just turn up when they say they will.
    Shelby R. Wagner
  • Charlie M. Christenson
    We wasted hours cleaning our pool before we got our Landy cover. It has cut down what was a 30 minute, 2 person job, to 4 minutes and 1 person. I cannot be happier.
    Charlie M. Christenson
    Farrell's Ice Cream Parlour
  • Albert N. Davis
    The previous roll up cover we had collected lots of salt. It was hard to use, very unsightly and the salt made it heavy. It also dropped a lot of hardened black silt back in the pool which then clogged the filter. This new Landy cover is safer (stops kids falling in), easy to use, looks better, doesn’t have large roller wheels and doesn’t drop stuff in the pool!.
    Albert N. Davis
    Magna Architectural Design
  • Zachariah M. Weeks
    The Landy cover looked to be the best product on the market. We have already recommended Landy pool covers. After 10 years of use it has proved to be TERRIFIC! It keeps out plant debris (we have a very leafy yard with figs and bats), saving us in chemicals and electricity. Also, it keeps the temperature up longer in the season extending the swimming season. Also, it cuts back on the dreaded ‘black-spot algae’ on pool walls – an unexpected bu obvious benefit (in hindsight). It can be operated by one person (whereas our old pool cover needed two people). It’s easy to sweep plant debris off the top (when dry) and put onto the gardens / in the compost (we use a telescopic pool-pole with a brush attached). It has improved our pool maintenance in so many ways.
    Zachariah M. Weeks
  • Rodney B. Keeton

    Great product, excellent service – every pool should have a Landy Pool cover.

    Rodney B. Keeton
    Netcom Business Services
  • John G. Bullard
    The range of pool covers available were great and the staff at Landy were very helpful when all other companies said we could not have a cover for the shape of pool we have.
    John G. Bullard
    Rex Audio Video Appliance
  • We wasted hours cleaning our pool and pool area before we got the Landy automatic covers. Albeit a little costly compared to other more standard covers, it has cut down what was a 30 minute two person job to 4 minutes and 1 person. I cannot be happier with it.
    Roger P. Vickers
    Town and Country Convenience Stores
  • Thanks to the team at Landy for a job well done. Our PoolGuard cover has turned a pool full of leaves (and a huge headache for my husband) into the low maintenance pool that we originally wanted. The pool is now literally leaf-free!
    Maria A. Murphy
    Kragen Auto Parts
  • Great automatic pool covers, excellent service – every pool should have a Landy cover.
    Nigel S. Childress
    Pro-Care Garden Maintenance
  • I could not recommend Lanndy more highly. Their customer service was first class from the day I picked up the phone through to the commissioning of my cover. Landy worked with our Pool Builder and conducted numerous site visits to ensure the cover installation was a complete success – many thanks again!
    Chris B. King