When is a Retailer Responsible For a Portable Pool’s Warranty?

The first case is when a retailer is the manufacturer. A manufacturer who sells customer direct is 100% responsible for the pool’s warranty.

The second instance where a retailer will be fully responsible for a portable pool’s warranty is in cases where a retailer sells additional warranty coverage that exceeds the pools standard warranty. So let us say a pool has only a one-year coverage. A retailer will offer an additional four, nine or even fourteen-year additional warranty coverage. Why would a retailer do this – because there is a fee for this additional warranty coverage, a suggested retail price, which the retailer will use to either pad the profit made off the sale or as a tool to close the deal. Though we do not think there is anything devious about this practice, be sure to study the additional coverage. More than likely it is heavily prorated. You can learn more about prorated pool warranties at our website.

The third example of when a retailer would be responsible for a portable pool warranty is when a retailer sells a portable pool from a manufacturer who is no longer in business but does not tell the buyer. In this case, the retailer is guilty of fraud and that retailer is fully responsible for either completely covering the costs for a replacement or a full refund to their customer. Just as bad, some nefarious internet retailers sell pools made in a far away country, like China or Korea, where it would be almost impossible for a customer to receive any warranty satisfaction. So technically the retailer is selling a pool with a warranty even though that retailer knows it is almost impossible for a customer to receive warranty support.

Before you consider buying a portable swimming pool from a retailer, first demand a copy of the warranty that covers that portable pool. Make sure the warranty has the contact details for a customer to call and verify two things:

1.) That the company is in business, in the US and is prepared to service any of their pools, and

2.) Verify that the retailer you are about to buy from is a licensed retailer of that company’s product.

These two simply steps will help to protect you from buying portable pools that do not have a warranty, are close outs or are only covered by a company in a far off country.

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